Does one person make a difference?

A lecture by Chris Jordan at the Museum of Science in Boston really challenged my indifference to mass consumerism. Chris Jordan is a photo journalist and artist who creates large mosaic images out of a single image repeated with slight variations. These mosaics, printed as enormous murals, draw in your interest with enticing subjects, rich colors and aesthetic qualities you would easily ascribe to your favorite painter. As you approach the mural the detail reveals the devil – the intended punch line, the woman behind the wallpaper. Then you read the caption and you are flooded with an emotional response you cannot refute. This art is powerful. In the lecture, Chris Jordan explained the journey how he discovered his art and the message behind it. His candor and boyish charm make you feel at once with him and for him. I left the lecture with a desire to change my own consumeristic behavior, and with a glimmer of hope that we each do make a difference.

He has some speaking engagements coming up, so check his web site:

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