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CS5 Photoshop Sneak Peek Content Aware Delete

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

This short little demo of CS5 Photoshop is mind blowing.  I’m still on CS2. I think it’s time to update.

On Out of Alignment I had to touch up one shot that revealed the name of the town – but the character is supposed to be away. The director wanted the name of the town removed from the side of a van to minimize the incongruity. I digitized the shot as a sequence of photoshop images. Then I manually “cleaned” up each shot. It was painful and time consuming. It also failed to look natural (see Remove Text From Van Footage) when the images were played back because the corrections were not consistent from frame to frame. With some creative reframing, blurring and vignetting I was able to make it passable. Can’t wait to see what else is in CS5.

About Me

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

A software engineer by trade, I recently made the move to the dark side and became a manager. I’m a practicing Agilist if that is a word and believe in the Scrum process for product development. I signed the Agile Manifesto. That is my day job! My spare time, what I have of it, is devoted to making films. After about 15 or so projects someone asked me, “Can I see your work, is it online?” “No,” I replied. “You don’t have a website?” was the incredulous reply. So this is my site which I will use to weave together the tale of my journey into the universe of film making. One idea that I’d like to explore in this blog is how the Scrum process might be used to make films. I think there are a lot of overlaps. I have even coined the working title for a book, “SCRUM Made My Movie.”

Hello world!

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

Welcome to Blog. This blog is dedicated to the learning and practice of independent filmmaking. I look forward to hearing from you as I explore the ins and outs of making films.

You might ask, why another blog? For me the blog is a place to consolidate my learning, share and give back.